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"Jim was great to work with. He is the voice of calm and reason. He did not ask questions that I have already asked myself a hundred times and found no answers but gave much appreciated advice, enabling me to find my own answers. He is a mentor as well as a coach"

Dr. Irena Kyd, Founder, of Future Vision that helps clients see their vision going forward.

"Whenever I had any concerns and issues to discuss, Jim was my first and last contact. As a down-to-earth person, he always cares about people and listens carefully. Without any prejudice, he shares his frank opinion based on lifelong experience and extensive knowledge. He has a great talent  to understand the situation and give advice to make a clear decision in the right direction. Anybody that gets coached by Jim will understand why I feel blessed"

James (Jin Nam)Kim from Minnesota

"Jim helped me through some personal as well as professional issues as I was running the company and appreciated his counseling"  

Ping Dong, Former President, Aarbor International

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