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  • James Wylie

Moving out of your Comfort Zone

Whether you are trying to get a better job, advance in your career, considering a total career change, or moving to a completely new location, all this requires you to make a change away from the familiar. Change is manageable if you understand and think through what the change is and why you are doing this.

Let us consider a change in playing baseball for example. Let us say you have played catcher all your life but you joined a team that already has an established catcher. There is a need at first base but you never played at that position competitively. You think how can I succeed at that position. So first thing you work on is fielding grounders. Then you have to learn to adapt to catching every type of throw that comes at you from the infielders. You watch videos on successful first base men. You ingrain in your head that you can do this and work on it until it becomes second nature. The transition to this new position is hard but you develop the skills and keep working at it, you never give up even after a few mishaps, and you develop belief that you can succeed. These are the 3 ingredients for successfully moving ahead; paying attention to details, have strong determination to succeed and believe that you will succeed.

Same thing in advancing or changing careers. With advancement, comes new challenges. With career change, there is a tendency to reference your old job. Successful people are able to anticipate what are the roadblocks, manage them when they come, and keep grinding until the job becomes second nature.

Before you make this step, understand why you are doing this? With every potential reward, there is risk. When things get tough, understand that you made the move because you had decided that this was the best course of action at the time.

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