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Inertia - It is what keeps you in your Comfort Zone

In my book Life Imitates Science, I have a chapter on the concept of inertia. Simply, Newton's first law of motion states that any object in motion will stay in motion or any stationary object will stay stationary unless a force acts upon it (like friction slowing down a moving object or a force pushing a stationary object).

Inertia is the basis of why we stay in our comfort zone. Why? Because it takes force to make any changes to an object. Force requires energy, sometimes large amounts of energy. In the book, I gave an example of how working folks are locked in what they are doing on a day to day basis because they are familiar with what and how they do things. To make changes with their lives, like a job change or being laid off, it is a big change that requires one to get used to the new working conditions.

If there is a constant in life, it is that there will be changes and you have to be adaptable to it. You may feel comfortable with your current situation but then change is forced upon you. While it is not the hand that you liked to play with, it was dealt to you. Folding is not an option so you have to make the best of the situation.

An example is that you love working for your current boss but then moves on. A new boss takes over and feels compel to make changes on how the job is done. This is an example of work "friction" that now forces a change in your working life. You are forced out of your comfort zone.

Change is never easy. It impacts your professionally and emotionally. Understand that it takes energy to cope with the change. If you understand this, then you have taken the first step to accepting the situation and are able to move on.

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