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How do I Coach?

As a prospective client that may be reading this article, you ask the basic question as to how I coach, which is absolutely what you should ask. Especially if you are seeking a business coach to help you navigate some choppy waters.

I tell my clients that coaching is a process that would involve time and personal commitment. In our first meeting to determine if this arrangement makes sense, I ask the question “how serious are you about making a change”? I will then ask what is your long term goal and if there are any short term goals. I will also see if there are any pressing issues that you want to talk about as we make this journey. During the initial sessions, I want to know who you are, what kind of business you are in, what are the challenges that you face, and where do you want to be (both personally and professionally). As a coach, I want to get a clear picture of who and where you are today. With this knowledge, I can then move you forward to helping you achieve the goal that you are seeking.

This is an investment that would involve delving into oneself along with making changes that may be difficult. This may not happen all the time but it is a possibility. As a coach, I will challenge you. This may involve times where you may question why you hired me but I am here to do a service that will have long lasting benefits. Always keep in mind that improvement cannot be made unless one goes through some discomfort. If you can accept this, then we can work together.

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