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Expand your Comfort Zone

As human beings, it is instinctive to want to stay in your comfort zone. The question is how did you arrive at the comfort zone that you have. Everyone's comfort zone is different and can change as one ages. This is natural, as we experience life we encounter many challenges and learn to deal with them. These experiences are collected into our mental hard drive and we can recall them whenever we encounter a similar problem.

However there are times that we have to learn to deal with the challenges very quickly and without prior experience. This often leads to either panic or taking a deep breadth, buckle down, and deal with it. It really boils down to your attitude on how to deal with challenges.

I cannot underestimate the importance of attitude. Often we short change ourselves as having limited capabilities and resources. In reality, you have more capabilities than you think. It is just you have to believe in yourself to be able to draw upon them.

In my book LIFE IMITATES SCIENCE, I exemplified how there is a difference between a regular recruit and a Navy Seal. It comes down to attitude and determination. Navy Seal training is one of the most rigorous in the world with high drop out and rejection rates. The training is tough and along with assessing your physical capabilities, they have to assess your mental strength. When you succeed, you have accomplished the task of expanding your comfort zone. Thereby you can deal with any unexpected challenge thrown at you.

Success in any endeavor comes down to mental fortitude and positive attitude, otherwise you have failed before you started. Don't be afraid to expand your comfort zone. It is key to your personal and professional grow

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