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Equilibrium and why that is important

I had mentioned that everyone strives to reach their comfort zone in any endeavor that they take on whether it be at work or even in relationships. It is our nature to achieve some sense of security on what and how we do things. Equilibrium with the external environment is a close partner in maintaining your comfort zone. However there are factors that can upset this equilibrium and thus prevent you from succeeding in your endeavors.

In my book “Life Imitates Science”, I gave an example of carbonic acid and how introduction of salt can upset the equilibrium.

H2CO3 <---> H20 + CO2 (gas)

Here carbonic acid is in equilibrium with water and carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is given off as a gas. We see this in any soda pop bottle or can. When you open a bottle or can of coke, you hear that gas given off which is the carbon dioxide being released. As long as you keep the bottle capped, the equilibrium will be maintained and you will maintain that “fizz” in the soda. Now if you introduce salt to the mixture, the equilibrium shifts to the right with carbon dioxide being released (because the salt complexes with the water) and the soda eventually goes flat.

In life, whether you are in a relationship or at work, there are examples of how salt can upset the equilibrium. In relationships, it is a compromising partnership where one side has to be able to come half way with their partner to maintain some level of relational equilibrium. In business, especially in negotiations, you want to achieve some level of a win-win where both parties achieve some satisfaction in their negotiating efforts. If one party tends to be unrelenting in their position, you have introduced salt in the relationship and eventually the relationship goes flat.

Try to eliminate any salt in your personal or working relationship, you will find that the “fizz” in your life will remain ever effervescent.

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