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Comfort Zone

Dealing with uncertainty is never an easy thing. Nobody likes to get out of their comfort zone, after all it is human nature. Yet, the aspiration to improve whether it is related to education, sports, finances, career, and stature forces us to get out of our comfort zone.

It is human to stay there. After all, one is not threatened if you stay there. But to make their leap to the next level, you have to get out of it. A lot of why we tend to stay in the "familiar" is because it is easy and we can deal with familiar problems. It is the unfamiliar that makes us so uncomfortable.

Dealing with the unfamiliar has a lot to do with our perspective, self-confidence, belief in ourselves, and ability to make adjustments on the fly. For example, you've been told that in order to be considered for a promotion, you have to take on more responsibility. With that comes new challenges and possibly dealing with an uncertain situation that could ultimately make you look bad if not handled correctly.

Another situation is more personal in that you and your family need to move to a bigger house to take care of your growing family. This means that you will have to take on a higher mortgage payment, go through the pains of moving, and get used to new neighbors in a new neighborhood.

Are changes worth it? Or is it better to stay where you are? It comes down to what is your motivation for taking on more responsibilities, or moving to a new house. You want to better your life for yourself and your family. If so, you then have to bite the bullet and go through the agony and ecstasy.

Working with a coach can help you sort through the unfamiliar and help you navigate your way out of your comfort zone and establish a new comfort zone.

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